X-Mind DC intraoral X-ray system from ACTEON, delivers consistently high sharp images and guaranteed safe exposure levels. This high frequency unit emits very high quality radiation whenever it is used, due to the “double chamber” where the tube and the electronic components are separated. The control software automatically compensates for variations in main voltages and the radiation emitted is always of the highest quality to provide pictures with reproducible parameters.

The X-MIND AC/DC improves your workflow with easy-to-use, dedicated pre-programming keys.

With the push of a button, you control the

  • Parameters - 60 or 70 kV and 4 or 8 mA
  • Types of sensor - traditional film or digital
  • Patient morphology
  • Exposure of the tooth


Exposure times can be customised and programmed to adapt to your clinical needs.

The X-Mind range is extremely easy to handle, with smooth movements to assist with accurate positioning and improved workflow.

X-Mind generators are available in 3 variable arm lengths - 41 cm, 82.5 cm and 110 cm, making it compatible with most dental surgery environments. It can be top wall mounted or bottom wall mounted. Dental unit, ceiling, and mobile version are also available.

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